Why Women Struggle to Lose Weight than Men?


Obesity is one of the serious health issues, today. Obesity just implies the accumulation of excessive fat in the body, which have negative effects on our health. It can potentially lead to premature aging and sometimes even death, due to life-threatening diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and also cancer. Trimming the body is the only way to avoid the obesity, which can be achieved through diet control and exercises. Weight loss is a serious issue, which is not an easy job, especially for women. Yes, thereby the weight loss processes varies owing to the gender, due to certain reasons.

Difference in Metabolism

Generally men are born with more muscles than women. Women have 10 percent more fat content in their body mass, than men. Hence, the metabolism rate of men is faster than women, due to the presence of more muscles. Due to this reason men usually burn more calories at a faster rate than women. Therefore it is easier for men to lose weight.

Emotional Eating

Mostly men have more capability to control their diet than women. Women have emotional issues, which subsequently reflects in their diet. Women prefer eating when they are stressed, depressed, or while feeling lonely. Women are unaware of these extra calories that they consume in a day. They also have a huge affiliation towards chocolates, pizzas, cakes and ice creams, which would greatly affect their calorie intake.

Wrong Exercises

Most women are not dedicated to exercises and workouts, like men; they contribute less effort in workouts. Mostly they prefer low intensity workouts, which need only less efforts. They also avoid indulging in workouts that involves weights. Therefore women are mostly prone to no shedding much sweat through exercise.

Health Issues

Our body operates fine, on the balance of chemicals present in it. The most important hormones for weight and metabolism are the Thyroid hormones, i.e. Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). If imbalanced, they could affect the metabolism. Too much of T4 leads to hyperthyroidism, and too little T4 leads to hypothyroidism. Women are greatly prone to this problem, which in turn affects their weight loss process.

Hormone Imbalance

In women not just thyroid hormones affect their metabolism, but also the stress hormone, called Cortisol. We’ve already inferred that women are more stressful than men. Consequently, this causes imbalance in the Cortisol hormone, which greatly affects the weight loss process. It can be minimized by carrying-out procedures to alleviate the stress and depression.

Birth Control Pills

The birth control pills can cause a greater level fluid retention in the women’s body. These pills contain estrogens, which make the fat cells and adipose tissues to grow larger in size. These pills cause various other side effects like nausea, headaches, and more. As an attempt to avoid this, women can prefer natural birth control measures, instead of these pills.

Lack of Sleep

Women is massively prone for sleeping well, because of their emotional nature and also due to leading a busy life. They have to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Lack of sleep leads to the production of excessive Cortisol hormone due to stress, which affects the weight loss process.


Though it is difficult for women to attain a greater success in the weight loss process, by good dedication, and contribution, they can overcome the above reasons, which will make it possible to achieve their goal.

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