Want to Boost Your Willpower? – Sip Lemonade, Use Non-Dominant Hand

Willpower, self-control and self-discipline are essential to lead a happy and successful life. All these things refer to the mental strength and attitude to do a thing. Willpower, will help you to achieve your goal. If you know how to improve your willpower, it will automatically strengthen your skill to do anything that you’re involved in.

Sometimes you may wish to say no, to some situations but something may frighten you and consequently push you to avoid trying for it. When you increase your willpower, it will help you to put your thought into action at any situation. Moreover, a thought is widely prevalent that the willpower can be improved only at young ages and adults couldn’t do that effectively. But according to studies in multiple labs, it is proven that even adults can also improve their self-control.

Do you know which part of your brain is responsible to elevate this character? It is the prefrontal cortex. It is located at the front of the frontal lobe and it is responsible for taking the decisions related to it. To be precise, the self-control and willpower falls under the prefrontal cortex. To enable this prefrontal cortex to be more effective, you can adopt various methods. It includes sipping lemonade, learning how to manage your stress, improving your meditation time, pushing yourself to stick to your plans and have enough sleep.

Glucose is like a fuel to your brain, which facilitates the brain to be active and carries energy to your muscles and other organs. The action of self-control will automatically reduce the blood glucose level present in your body. If the blood glucose level reduces, it will result badly in your self-control in various things and performance.

To maintain the glucose level in normal range, drink a glass of lemonade every day, and it will improve your performance. It is advisable to take the lemonade at the time of stress. This will help your brain to take a good decision. It is needless to say that a good decision will make your life happier. Appeal yourself to do more self-control activities, which will help you to improve your self-control.

To carry out various self-control activities: Try to use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth; and even try to switch your hand, while using the computer mouse to the non-dominant hand. Experts say that the non-dominant hand will help your to improve your brain performance, greatly. Using non-dominant hand will increase your creativity and your brain will get benefited by the coordination of both the hands.

Practicing self-control on a daily basis, will help you avail some additional benefits that will in turn help you improve your self-control. It is advisable to improve your willpower to help your brain to take the correct decisions at any instance. Thus, by building a robust willpower, you can achieve your goals and strengthen your skills. Intake of lemonade at times of stress will also make your brain work faster. Of course, the usage of your non-dominant hand will help you to increase your brain function.

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