Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation for weight loss. Doesn’t sound relevant, right? How calories will be burnt by just sitting for a while, with legs crossed and eyes closed? Working out at the gym and training our taste buds to have only healthy foods are the well-known measures for weight loss. Now, here is the another easy and natural method, which has no side effects and hardly takes only 15-20 minutes of your day, to lose excessive body weight . Yes, it’s exactly all about meditation.

Nowadays, most of the people are hooked to the consumption of alcohol, drugs and even binge eating. These activities temporarily quietens their incessant thoughts, and eventually hinders negative though overwhelming them, for which they finally feel really good. Surprisingly, meditation also has the same kind of effect, along with capabilities to reduce body weight, but in positive and healthier way.

However, our thoughts don’t have control so people reach out more to junk foods or high calories foods. Meditation helps us to calm down these destructive behaviours on our own, when stressed out, anxious or depressed. Hence, by this way you can not only lose weight but also cut down the dependency on alcohol or drugs or binge eating.

How meditation helps to lose weight naturally?

Reduces BMR Levels

We often check our body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), when engaged in any weight loss program. The BMR can indicate your calories intake, such that you can maintain your weight and reach a good shape. But, without any control program, meditation lends hand to reduce your body’s BMR (extra calories taken by your body) and with it, weight loss is a natural outcome.

Tweaks Your Workout

If you stop working out for a few days, you might immediately tend to put on a lot of weight. Physical exercises normally increases the appetite, but can’t necessarily improve the assimilation of it to the body. In contrary, by practicing meditation, the assimilation can be improved and the desire for calorie-rich food could be avoided. So, even if you feel hungry, you can be satisfied with lesser quantities of food and thus you won’t gain weight, all of a sudden.

Restores the Hormone Balance

If you’ve undergone some clinically serious weight loss or weight gain programs, then there are chances for hormonal imbalance in your body. Meditation helps to restore these hormones and enables your body to lose or gain a few extra pounds.

Helps to Get Rid of Unhealthy Food Habits

Cravings for all kinds of unhealthy food will lead to weight gain. Meditation increases the awareness regarding it and helps you to choose the right kind of food choices. By practicing meditation on a daily basis, your mind will be trained to be cautious about the food intake. As a result, you’ll find that your cravings are dropped and next time you won’t grab a bag full of chips or cookies often.

These are the tips that help you to lose weight if you undergone meditation daily. Other than this, meditation boost your commitment, beats your stress and finally you’ll start to love yourself.

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