How Much Walking You Need to Lose Weight?

The weight loss program includes so many physical exercises, the most important among them is walking. Walking is a great exercise for weight loss and it is a cardiovascular exercise. Walking will help you to reduce your weight and strengthen your leg muscles, lowers your blood pressure. Walking helps you to lead a happy life without the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and more.

The habit of walking is good for overweight person to lose the weight and for pregnant ladies. The new comer may start to walk for 30 minutes a day. For a better result, start to walk for a longer period. Once you fit to this 30minutes walking you will start to walk more briskly and for a long distance too. It is advisable to walk up and down the hills, it will really boost your stamina level and strengthen your leg.

Remember, more you walk will burn more calories. Burning calories depends on your speed and your size. If you start to walk for one hour, it will help you to burn up to 204 calories. If you double your speed you will lose up to 409 calories for an hour. The reducing of fat is depends mainly on your speed.

Walk Smartly

It is advisable to start your walk with a small step. Remember to park your car away from your door and try to walk for some distance. Always choose the staircase instead of choosing the escalators. Whenever possible go for a walk instead of driving your car, a small walk will also help to lose your weight. Even the small will help you to burn some calories.

Walk up the Hill

When you walk on the elevated path, you will feel tired and your heart beat will automatically increase. When you walk up the hill your muscles will get strong and it will increase your metabolic rate. Walking up and down the hill will help you to burn more calories easily and will strengthen your leg.

Walk Briskly

You should walk in an energetic way which will help you to burn the calories faster. One hour briskly walk will help you to burn nearly 300 calories. And 30 minutes brisk walk will help you to burn 1,050 calories weekly. Walking will protect you against heart diseases and you will notice the changes that take place in you after starting your walk.

Increase Your Speed

There are two ways to increase your speed, take longer step or increase your speed. Expert says that it’s better to increase your speed instead of taking longer step. The longer step will increase the strain on your legs and feet. The more your speed will help to burn more calories.

Listen to Music

Select your favourite songs which will help you to move faster. Listening song will motivate you to walk fast without knowing the stress. The soundtrack will motivate you and the tempo will help you to match your walking speed with the song beat. Listening to the song while walking will help you to increase your speed.

Walking will help you to reduce your weight and makes you to live healthy. Remember to concentrate on the amount of food you intake and your nutritional level have to be on-point to reduce your weight.

Drink more amount of water, it will help you to reduce your weight. If you start to walk for a long distance will help you to burn more calories.

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