How Eating Fat helps to Burn Fat?

Yes, eating fat foods will help to burn fat, but not bacons and fries. Are you a person who is frightened for eating fat in your diet schedule? Well, the problem gets over here. There are too many healthy fat foods, which provide a wide variety of health benefits including fat loss.

How fat helps to burn fat? The fat in our body supports metabolism, supports for body tissues, cell signalling. Fat involves in hormone production and absorption of many nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin D. Moreover, they also help to reduce inflammation in body, brain, eye and keeps us satisfied at most time.

Why you need to eat fat to burn Fat?

Fat burns existing Fat

Human body needs three nutrients such as Carbohydrate, Protein and fat. If there is no fat in your diets, then you don’t have fuel to burn calories. While comparing to other nutrients, fat boosts the metabolism. According to the research, the existing fat stored in the body’s tissue such as belly, thigh and butt can’t be burned efficiently without in taking good fat foods.

Fat keeps you Full

Fat is not an easily digestive nutrient, so it prolongs around in our digestive system for long time when compared to proteins and carbohydrates.

For instance, when you have carbohydrate rich foods like bread and bakery foods, then your insulin level gets skyrocketed. As your body digests the carbs in your food, then immediately it stores the glucose from your food to your fat cells. So, your body can’t use the calories in your fat cells, without ado hunger strikes and it will demand for food. In contrary, fat can also stabilize the blood sugar levels and keeps you feel full for longer.

Fat makes you feel Happy

While eating the comfort food, people always feel like a bliss and happy. Researchers found that, fat in your food makes you in happy mood. That’s why, we’re getting excited while eating ice cream, cheese, etc.

The Omega-3 fatty acids can help to boost serotonin levels in the brain, improve the mood, and increase the motivation.

Fat Builds Muscle

Eating right kind of fat foods will enable bodybuilders to lose extra body fat, which can energizes the lean muscles. Fat-rich foods provides fuel to your muscles, such that you can feel energetic in the gym. Some of the food helps to build muscles and burns fat from your body. Food such as whole egg, flash oil, wild salmon, flax seeds, mixed nuts, etc.

Fat makes you Smarter

Nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat-soluble that is the body can’t absorb these nutrients without them. So, if nutrients doesn’t absorb properly in your body then it can lead to vitamin deficiencies, dry skins, brittle bones, blindness, muscle pain, abnormal blood clotting, etc. If you have right amount of fat, then you too look smarter.

Bottom Line

Scientific research shows that, eating fat won’t make you fat anymore, yet picking up the right choice of fat foods is one of the most important trick for losing weight. The healthy fat foods can quell your appetite, cut down the calories and also improves heart health and strokes your metabolism. And also avoid trans-fat food, yet go to the unsaturated fat foods.

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