How Alcohol Affects the Weight Loss


Alcohol is an organic compound belongs to hydroxyl functional group (-OH). It is found in alcoholic beverages, which causes intoxication when consumed. The percentage of alcoholic content varies in different drinks. Distilled drinks have about 40% alcohol. The rectified spirit which is a clear, colourless, flammable liquid contains of 95% alcohol content. Consuming alcohol causes various types of cancer, mind depression, gastro-intestinal problems, and psychological problems.

Alcohol Supplies more calories than Carbohydrates and Proteins

Alcohol supplies about twice the amount of calories than proteins and carbohydrates. But the calories in alcohol lack nutrients, which fastens the fat storage. The calories are quite concentrated in alcoholic drinks compared to ordinary foods. This causes intake of more amount of calories accidently, when consumed a lot. Alcohol passes into the body quite rapidly making the drinker unaware of his drinks count.

Beer and Wine contains more carbohydrate content, and few cocktails have fats. The carbohydrates release insulin, which fastens the fat storage, which is directly stored in the fat cells. A 5-ounce of wine contains 110 calories, and 91 of them is from alcohol itself.

Alcohol Increases the Hunger

Alcoholic drinks increases the appetite by the combination of alcohol and meals make the condition still worse. When alcohol consumed before food increases the caloric intake with greater extend of carbohydrates. Alcohols increase the food intake when it is replaced by other soft drinks. It also increases urination thus decreases electrolytes like sodium, which induces the intake of salty carbohydrate foods like chips.

Alcohol reduces the testosterone level

Testosterone has the powerful quality of fat loss. When alcohol is consumed, it reduces the testosterone’s level. Low level of testosterone reduces muscle gains, which decreases the metabolic rate. Decrease in metabolic rate makes the fat burning process tougher. Alcohol causes oxidative damage in various body tissues. It may also significantly increase estrogen levels due to the boosting of aromatase enzyme, which leads to converting the male sex hormones to female sex hormones.

Alcohol Affects the Inhibitions

Alcohol consumption loosens the inhibitions and self control of a person. This causes intake of more calories and gaining extra body fat. It also leads to eating of wrong kinds of food unaware of its consequences. Due to this lots of fatty and salty foods are taken leading to obesity and other health issues.

Alcohols Damages the Digestive parts

Alcohols are prepared by fermentation process. It is obtained from the by-product of yeast. This may cause irritation in stomach and also weakens the liver and kidneys. It leads to serious health issues, even leading to death at certain stages. Weakening of stomach decreases the rate and efficiency of digestion process, which affects the metabolism and also the process of weight loss.

The liver breaks the fats and processes with toxins in a healthy body. When alcohol is consumed, it destroys the detoxification process of liver.


Thus, for the persons who are undergoing weight loss process must limit the intake of alcohols or avoid it completely and live a healthy everlasting life.

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