Does detoxifying really help you lose weight?

What is Detoxification Diet?

Detox or Detoxification diets are becoming popular due to their promises to clean your body, eliminate toxins and make you feel energetic. Detoxification also incredibly involves in weight loss. Human body is always loaded with the toxins that come from the drinks, foods, cigarettes, and eve from the environment. So, in order to get rid of our body from these toxins, you can prefer the detoxification diet. However, detox diet will gain positive results, only for short term weight loss. But, it is not effective for a long term weight loss endeavours.

Different methods to detoxify your body

Liver Detox

The liver is a vital organ in our body. It produces biochemicals that are necessary for digestion. For this, consume some of the foods like bitter greens, chlorophyll juices, such as wheat grass and dandelion greens, carrots, lemons, beets, celery and limes. With all these, the diet will fortunately improve your liver functions and make you feel better.

Liquid detox

Liquid detox involves in the betterment of health and also losing some weight. On a liquid cleansing diet, you may probably consume only juice or water during the course of this diet plan. This plan requires you to consume organic fruits and vegetable juices, misco soup, smoothies, hemp, purees soup, flax, sesame, coconut, purified water and pumpkin seed oil.

Alkaline Detox

Alkaline detox will help to triple your energy level, clear off your skin, boost your immune system and shift unwanted weight. Have some fresh raw fruits and vegetables, and small amount of nuts, seeds and sprouts. As a result, it will detoxify the colon, liver and other systems in the body.

Can detox diets helps in weight loss?

Yes, as mentioned we can lose weight through detox diets, but only for a short period of time and it’s certainly not a long term solution. Generally, if your calories intake is less than the calories you burn, you will lose weight. During initial stages, with the detox diet, you’re bound to drop at least few pounds. But as times goes on, you’re likely to regain the weight as you return to the normal diet. Thus in general this diet is not nutritionally complete and it’s very risky to follow them as a long term solution for losing weight.

Can detoxification be achieved through diet?

Detoxification can be very well achieved through certain diet programs, but it depend on the usage of a perfect regimen. Yes, it works so well in the plethora of raw fruits and vegetables. The raw vegetables and fruits helps to scrub your body clean and removes both the toxins and extra body fat. It contains more nutrients than the cooked ones and is effective than the steamed or grilled foods.

Is it safe?

Generally, before undergoing any type of diet, it is good to do it under the supervision of a nutritionist or doctor. So, detox diets should also be followed under a doctor’s advice depending upon your medical conditions. Some of the dangerous aspects of the detox diets is lack of energy, tiredness, low blood sugar, muscle aches, nausea and dizziness. Hence, keep in mind that the physical activities should be avoided, while you’re in this type of diets.

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