Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss?

Are you too confused to make out the difference between the weight loss and fat loss? Well, here is the breakdown differences between these two, which helps you to understand how each impact in your body. Obviously, there are too many differences between the weight loss and fat loss.

For instance, the Marathon runner Meb Keflezighi is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 127 pounds. He is very fast and lean, but he doesn’t carry a lot of fat or muscle. On the other hand, Donovan Ford who is expert in weightlifting has same height, but he weighs 231 pounds.

Here comes the strategy, both the athletes are about the same height and achieved same level of fitness, but their training strategies and diets are significantly different. As a result, there is 100-pound difference in their weight. So, it’s very important to understand the term weight loss and fat loss.

What is weight loss?

If you’re overweight or obese and out of shape, then weight loss strategy is the good place to start. Weight loss can be determined by calculating the weight of your bones, muscles, organs, amount of water your body retains. Weight loss pretends to burn more calories through diet and physical activity such as walking, jogging, aerobics and bicycling.

What is Fat Loss?

If you want to look fit and healthy, then losing fat and gaining muscle is absolutely necessary. Simply, as the name suggests it’s a loss of fat that your body carries. Further, the weight loss person will not have muscle tone underneath the skin.

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

Well, the above description gives you a detailed information about the weight loss and fat loss. Here is the difference.

Weight loss Fat Loss
Weight loss simply refers to a lower number on scale Fat loss is the reduction in amount of fat you carry in your body
Weight Loss = Muscle + fat + water loss Fat Loss = Reduces stored body loss
Improper nutrition and dieting Proper nutrition and dieting
Decreases fitness and strength Increase fitness and strength
Reduced Immunity level Reduced risk of disease
Reduction in muscle mass + overall body weight Reduction in fat percentage only
Increases your metabolism Slow down your metabolism

The above chart clearly states that, before undergoing weight loss, you have to reduce fat. Then decide, still you need to lose weight.

Weight Loss/Fat Loss Issues

Weight Loss Issues: Most frequent issues in weight loss are not eating enough quantity of food; being impatient; grabbing attention to the scale instead of body fat; eating too many calories; lack of having nutritious food.

Fat Loss Issues: Keep your eyes peeled for these incredibly common issues regarding fat loss. Issues like not eating enough food, snacking between meals, drinking high calories drinks and not eating enough healthy good fat foods.

How to attain Weight Loss/ Fat Loss?

Weight Loss Tips: Learn to have healthy diet and workouts, which helps you to lose weight easily. Here are few tips such as change your eating habits, set realistic goals, don’t be overeating, make smart choices on selecting the food, be physically active. Other than this, eat fewer sweets, pastries and protein-rich food such as fruits, vegetable, nuts, soya, whole grains, etc.

Fat Loss Tips: Regular exercise and diet are still important. Do cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. Then, strengthen your muscle with proper workouts such as squats, push-ups, lunges, etc. Eat more protein-rich food, whenever you get hungry.

Final verdict

That’s it! Finally, we think you can catch out the difference between the weight and fat loss. Follow all our steps, which will help you to shed pounds and burn fat in your body.

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