Diet for weight loss – Facts and Fiction


Fat is one of the essential macro-nutrients to our body. Excess fat primarily paves way to obesity. There are several types of diets, dedicated to weight loss; and it is the first thing that anyone would firstly try, if they want to lose weight. But there are various myths and facts about the diets for weight loss.

Facts and Fictions of Weight loss diet

Carbohydrates are Fattening

Foods rich in carbohydrates like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes have more calories. Eventually excess of calories increases our weight. Moreover, it’s the additional fat like butter, creamy sauces, fried potatoes, which we add to the carbs, boosts the calorie content.

Therefore, prefer low-carbs foods, which are rich in fibres, like wheat pasta, brown rice, and jacket potatoes. Try some tomato sauces and top jacket spuds with cottage cheese, as an addition to the fibres, in order to avoid extra fat.

Late Night Foods – Gains Weight?

There is a belief that the food eaten after evening will increase the fat in our body, since it will not be digested. But in reality it’s not true. Consumption of too much of calories at any time will lead to accumulation of fat in our body and leads to weight gain. Burning more calories than we consume, is the only way that helps in weight loss. Hence, calculation of calories is rather very important for weight loss, than the time of eating. Make sure that there is enough calories burned in a day than the calories you intake.

Weight Gain Due to Inheritance

There is still some research going on about that whether the genes have the capability to make us fat. But it seems to be true, in case of some people. We believe that we may inherit fat genes from our ancestors. But there are chances that we can also carry some of their habits, like improper diets and exercises; and, these poor lifestyle may have an impact on body weight. Changing the lifestyle of an entire family by having control over diet and proper exercises helps them to lose weight.

Diet Control Won’t Work

If the calorie intake is less than what the body actually needs, then the body takes the needed extra calories from the fat stored for its function. This leads to weight loss. But there must be a proper diet to control the skipping of meals and practice eating only low-carbs food. For this, set a clear goal for losing weight through diet. It takes 3,500 calories to be burnt for shedding 1 pound of weight, which is possible only by reducing 500 calories per day.

Frozen fruits and veggies lack vitamins

Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables are nutritious than the fresh one, because the canned fruits and veggies are packed within certain preservatives, such that it doesn’t lose any vitamins or

nutrients content. But, the fresh fruits and vegetables are not packed in such manner and they travel a long distance to reach the market, which has them lose their nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, consume enough amounts of fruits and veggies, to provide sufficient nutrients and vitamins to the body.

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