Cardio Myths That Can Cause Weight Gain


Cardio means cardiovascular exercise, which relates to heart and vessels that pumps blood throughout the body. Cardio makes the heart to beat faster than the normal rate. Walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics are the types of cardio exercises. Cardio is mainly for strengthening the heart muscles, forces the cardiac muscles to grow strong, and also makes the heart to perform well.

Here are some of the Myths of Cardio.

Cardio must be done in Empty Stomach

The muscles in the body depend upon the combination of carbohydrates and fats for energy. When cardio is done on empty stomach, then the body itself turns into carb and fat fragments in the blood and muscle stores. It helps in fat burning and reduces in glycogen and blood insulin levels. Later focus on the workouts to increase the metabolism.

Running Aids in Weight-Loss

Running is one the best cardio exercise. Training for running races greatly helps in developing stamina, breathing, and heart muscles. In order to run a marathon, the person needs high stamina and lean body structure. To improve the stamina, the body learns to work more with low calories. It may also increase the appetite. The workouts done for race strengthens the chest and back muscles and also improve the joint mobility. The diet for race provides nutrients excluding unnecessary calories.

Combinations of Cardio and Strength Exercises are Effective

It is beneficial to do cardio and strength exercises in split up sessions, which is more effective and efficient. Cycling for few minutes before or after the weight lifting provides a greater impact on metabolism. It helps a lot in burning calories by increasing the metabolism and decreasing the fat. It strengthens the cardio vascular muscles and achieves the goal of weight loss.

Fat-Burning Zone

When we workout, only less number of calories are burnt with low intensity. While we increase the intensity then it’s known as the fat burning zone, which stays in 55-65 percentage of maximum heart rate during low-intensity cardio workout for weight loss. The glycogen used and heart rate ratio is 40%:60%. By doing low-intensity workouts the calories lost will be greater than the high-intensity exercises. With regular intervals of training more amount of calories are burnt, which leads to fat loss.

Cardio Burns More Calories

The more cardio exercises we do the more calories burnt. Using any sort of calculation machines or fitness tracker or fitness machines doesn’t know about our body’s unique metabolism. It is just prediction formula of heart rate. The answers are also not accurate. Our body is one of the best sensors. It understands much and displays the result of workouts far better than digital screen.


Cardiovascular exercises helps in delivering more oxygen to the cells of the muscles. This enables the cells to burn more fat while doing the exercise. It greatly helps in weight loss, strengthening heart and lungs, reduces the stress, better sleep, relief from anxiety and depression, more energy, reduce in heart diseases.

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