Can You Eat Sugar and Lose Weight?

Everyone in these days seems to think that sugar is an addictive, toxic and sweet poison. Most of us may have the same thought that a proper diet and routine physical exercises are the only way to reduce their weight. It is certainly true, but actually our day starts with sugar right away, in our tea or coffee; and even healthy fruits and vegetables contain sugar in it. These small amounts of sugar is not going to affect your weight loss program.

To make it clear, not only the healthy foods contain sugar, sugar is everywhere. Sugar is covert in refined carbohydrates rich foods like baked pasta, rice and even in milk. You might not feel the presence of sugar in these foods, but your body will absorb these sugars into your bloodstream as glucose. Eating sugar won’t affect your heath but it should be under control.

There are three types of sugar, such as Oligosaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polysaccharides. Each and every food will contain one of these three types of sugar.

Prefer Natural Sugar

As mentioned, there are three types of sugar and you should choose the one that suits you best. This is because, there will be a change in the taste of the food, based on the sugar in it. A sugary banana helps you to reduce your calories and soaked fat, than a glazed donut. Yes, a banana contains more amount of sugar than the donut. But still, it helps to reduce your weight. Do you know how? The food that contains natural sugar, includes more nutrients such as protein, fiber and healthy fats.

Eat sugar along with fibre, protein and healthy fats

It is advisable to balance the intake of carbohydrate and sugar along with protein, fibre and healthy fats. These three nutrients will help your bloodstream to absorb the sugar slowly. The consumption of sugar won’t make you feel weak or hungry for 30 minutes.

Eating sugar will help for a better workout

Physical exercises will help you burn excess sugar from your body. But mind that workouts aren’t an excuse to eat cupcakes and other junk foods. A researcher from Syracuse University says that a 12 hours weight-training session, will reduce the sugar level up to 15 percent. The consumption of sugars will actually provide you energy to help you in your workout.

Avoid sugar in coffee

It is advisable to avoid the sugar in your coffee, because of the caffeine present in the coffee. It will slow down the processing of sugar in your breakfast.

Laden on cinnamon

Eating cinnamon will help you to lower the sugar level that is present in your blood. If you sprinkle the cinnamon on sugar-laden foods, it will keep you from food comas. The cinnamon will help you to lose your weight, because it will attack the insulin resistance. The insulin makes you put on extra pounds.

Final verdict

Sugar is not going to make you fat. It is present in almost all the healthy foods and it is certainly difficult to avoid it. It won’t affect you weight loss workout but it has to be brought under control. Hence, it is advisable to avoid the intake of cookies, cakes, ice cream, chocolate bars and so on. These foods may affect you weight loss program, because they contain more amount of sugar. But in any way, remember that the little amount of sugar won’t make you fat.

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