Can Paleo Diet Result in a Sustainable Weight Loss?


The paleo diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots, and meat. It excludes foods such as dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, coffee, and alcohols. Following this diet may improve the metabolic effect and body composition.

Tips for Successful Weight Loss on Paleo Diet

Have a Simple Food

Paleo is effective for weight loss because it helps to reduce calories without restricting them consciously. Simple food leads to eating less amount of food, which in turn help to shed weight without effort. The diet must consist of protein like meat or fish, lots of non-starchy vegetables, carbs from root vegetables or fruits, and some healthy fat. Prepare the recipe as simple as possible excluding the extra ingredients and additional flavouring agents.

Eat Sufficient Food

Many people who follow the paleo newly think that less food is better for losing weight. This false belief prevents the body from calories and nutrients that is essential for body’s function. This may cause additional stress. Decreasing the caloric intake lowers the resting metabolic rate which can affect the weight loss process even worse. The Diet what you choose should be satisfactory not starving to yourself. As for weight loss process less eating is another problematic as over eating. Paleo helps in eating less diet with fewer calories without fighting hunger. Paleo is a best diet than any other for weight loss.

Consume Enough Carbs

Carbohydrates are very much important for function of the body. It must be enough in the body for the daily activity. Many people do well in low carbs diet. The requirement of carbs depends on the amount of activity which we perform. The deficiency in carbs leads to fatigue and muscle breakdown when we are over exercising which mismatches the carbs and activity level. If a person does very less activity then he can consume low carbs food.

Don’t sit too long

Sitting too long and not having proper movement of the body greatly affects the benefits of exercise program. Paleo diet has little extra fat content since meat and fish are included. For weight loss process the body needs to be active throughout the day.

The habit of moving throughout the day is beneficial to the weight loss and also for fat loss. It also improves the overall health and reduces the risk for chronic disease.

Don’t Try This Alone

Trying the weight loss process alone is one of the hardest parts. Doing some changes in the lifestyle without any social support is difficult and also unsustainable. Try to have a partner for doing weight loss process in order to increase the success. This would motivate the individual.

Have Enough Sleep

An individual must have at least 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to excess secretion of adrenals and cortisol which would inhibit weight loss. A good sleep is very much necessary for weight loss persons. It helps in control over proper digestion system of the body.


Diet is not the only necessary factor for weight loss. A good sleep, proper exercise, and proper mental stability together help a lot in achieving the goal.

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