Burn More Calories While You Sleep!

Sleep more, burn more fat. There is no marketing budget, no FDA approvals, and no celebrity endorsements behind this diet breakthrough. Yes, sleep is one of the best powerful diet tools to cut down the calories intake. Accordingly, the most surprising fact is that 8 hours of complete sleep can burn up to 400-500 calories every day.

Unlike other techniques, sleeping methods are not difficult, stressful, and even not painful. It is actually a tricky way to keep the brain at rest state. Therefore, here are some of the simple tweaks for losing more weight while you sleep.

Top 5 Methods for Losing weight while you’re in Sleep

Set Timings for Eating

Closing the kitchen early or night-time fasting may help you lose weight even if you eat more food throughout the day. As you stop eating early, there will be no carbs in the blood by the time you went off to sleep. Hence, your body will burn more calories from the stored fat and you will get requisite energy. What type of food you have to take in night? Well, without any further ado, the answer is Protein-rich food. You should have a dinner with the 30 grams of protein before bed, which will shed more calories.

Sleep in Complete Darkness

Turn off all the glowing lights, clocks and keep the TV off while you’re sleeping. Are you living in the area that gets exposed to the outdoor lights? Then take your black curtains or shades your bedroom as complete darkness. When you are in complete darkness, the body produces a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin keeps you feel sleepy and also burn the calories.

Make the Bedroom Colder

Many researches established that, turning off heat during winter nights will help people to burn belly fat when they’re in sleep. Sounds cool isn’t it? For instance, people who slept in cooled rooms under 66 degrees were burned more than 7% calories. This calculation is for 7-8 hours of sleep, while 7% doesn’t sound good for you. Then, you might also able to burn up to 100 calories over 24 hours of sleep.

Eat small amount of Food at Night

When you eat a large meal before sleep, your body takes more time to digest. The later you fall asleep, and then you will get less rest and feel groggy. So, without your consciousness you might undergo to take high calories dense items. As a result, you may gain excess weight. Instead of eating a heavy meal for dinner, try to keep small amount of food as same as your breakfast and lunch.

Shut off all the Electronic Gadgets

It is one of the common recommended advices as we all hear from our childhood days to till the date. Yes, before going to bed, shut off all the bedroom gadgets. Research found that, more electronics walking through the bedroom, the fatter we get. The blue light emitted from the gadgets will disrupts the production of melatonin.

So, without melatonin your body doesn’t get enough rest and you suffer from the poor lifestyle habits. While this happens, the fatty acids will breakdown and the glucose level will get increased and you’re likely to be overweight.

Bottom Line

The above mentioned outline ways will help you to cut down the calories when sleeping and also enable to shed weight easily, faster and maintain it for long time. Try them from today and start experiencing your result in a fun, simple and reliable way. Finally, a good sleep for about 7-8 hours a day will keep the diseases away.

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