Boost Your Metabolism with Mini Meals


Planning and organizing our daily food intake is very much important, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. Eating smaller portions of meals in regular intervals of time, greatly helps a lot in boosting the metabolism of the body. It might seem to be a bit complicated at the beginning. But, if we fail to follow the mini meals plan and surpass the schedule, it’ll potentially lead to consumption of more calories.

Planning and Preparation of Mini Meals


Breakfast is very important for any individual, because it starts the digestion process every day, after a long break from the previous night’s dinner. Lack of proper breakfast may lead to irritation, restlessness, and tiredness. Hence, it should be rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

A good breakfast should comprise grain cereals, highly nutritious fruits, whole wheat toast, one or two eggs, and low fat milk. The eggs take more calories for digestion process. So, it can be added in weight loss process.

The breakfast strengthens our body and also helps in performing the physical activities effectively and in turn helps to lower the cholesterol levels. Consumption of high-fibre contents for the breakfast reduces the fat and helps in regulating the digestion process.


A good lunch should be filled with highly packed vitamins, fibres, proteins, minerals and essential nutrients. For unhindered consistency of the desired diet, having a cup of soup like tomato soup or any other veggie soup helps in limiting the meal. Try to avoid cream, cheese, butter, and other high fatty foods.

Pairing the soups with salads made of cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, and carrot, can elevate the benefits further. Grilled chicken can also be added for lean protein. Grilled or boiled fish like tuna or trout can be paired with veggies. Brown rice or whole wheat foods are highly nutritious. Fruits salad, low fat milk, and fibre content legumes helps a lot for a healthy body.


Snacks are very much essential for mini meals. It can be used as supplement for main meals. For good snacks, we can take on fruits and vegetable salads. Granola made of nuts, oats, puffed rice, brown sugar, and honey is highly nutritious. Biscuits and breads made of bread with tea or coffee is consumed most of the people.


Dinner must be planned carefully since it is very tough to control the consumption of food. It is the time when the whole family come together. Moreover, we’ve to be very careful, while we’re serving

ourselves, to avoid eating too much. Make sure the dinner consists of high protein contents and lots of vegetables.

For protein 1 to 2 eggs, grilled chicken, and some cereals can be taken. For fibre wheat, brown rice, and legumes can be considered. Skimmed milk and low fat dairy products helps in adding calcium contents to the body with low fat.


Thus, proper planning and preparation of the mini-meals can boost the metabolism a lot. Splitting the main meal into smaller meals and supplementing them with some healthy snacks, are the best practice to extract the best out of the mini meals option. By regularly following this schedule, the metabolism of the body can be improved a lot, which also helps in living a normal, fit, lean, and healthy lifestyle.

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