Best 10 Minutes Full Body Circuit Workout

As a beginner you may think that time management is a big task. But the truth is that most of us find it difficult to maintain time management or don’t have enough time to exercise regularly. The weight loss program includes so many physical exercises but maintaining the time management is a great task.

As said maintaining the time management to do the exercise is the great thing but, still it is difficult one. Still you can reduce your weight in the shorter time that suits you. Let’s see how the following 10 minutes full body circuit workout help us to reduce the fat faster.

The cardiovascular exercise is an effective exercise for burning the fat and focus mainly on the cardio system. But the following full body circuit, the calisthenic exercise which will help you to burn more calories. Calisthenic exercise includes exercise such as push ups, squats and lunges which will help you to reduce your calories.

Push ups

The benefits of doing push ups will help you to strengthen your shoulder arm and muscles and also boost your metabolism. The push up will help you to burn more calories to provide you energy to do your exercise. Thus, push ups help you to burn the calories that is present in your body. It is capable of burning 135 calories in 30 minutes. One hand push up will be a challenging one which will help you to build your muscle stronger and also burn extra calories.

Remember push ups won’t help you to lose your weight as quickly as aerobic exercise, it will help you to improve only your physical fitness.


Squats exercise is the best choice for losing your weight. It is a full body workout and focus mainly on the thighs, calves and buttocks to make your legs in correct shape. Squat exercise really help you to burn more calories than the other exercises. Squats exercise makes you bend and stretch your entire body which will help you to reduce your calories.


Lunge helps you to build your muscle in the lower body. By adding 30 minutes of cardio exercise along with 15 minutes of walking lunges will help you to burn 400 calories. Performing lunge by holding and rotating the medicinal ball from right to left sides, will engages the quads, core and glutes.

Mountain Climbers

It is a challenging one. It targets mainly on the upper arm muscles and legs. It works mainly on the joints and muscles together. This workout will help you to increase the metabolic rate as result the increased metabolic rate will burn the fat faster. It also have some extra benefits such as increase the total body strength, increase the fitness in your cardiovascular system, maintains the body weight, strengthen the abdomen and muscles, etc.

The full body circuit exercise will help you to burn your calories and makes you look good. However, each aforementioned exercise focuses on the particular part of your body but help you to burn more calories. You don’t need to search for the place to do the exercise. Just a comfortable place is enough to do the full body circuit exercise.

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