8 Reasons You Are Not Losing Body Fat


Our body gains weight pretty easily, but when over weighted then it is very difficult to lose weight. Some people spend years of time in loosing body weight, but the result won’t be as expected. This is due to blunders, which we commit.

Over Consumption of Food

People are unaware about the number of calories they consume per day. In the weight loss process the number of calories burned must be greater than the number of calories consumed. Foodies must be cautious about their food intake and avoid more carbohydrates for their effective fat loss.

Lack of Abundant Protein

Protein plays a major role in fat loss. Protein builds the muscles and repairs the muscle tissues. Consumption of enough proteins helps in fat reduction. It also helps in maintaining levels of body’s blood lipids, glucose, and fat. Adding proper nutrition to the food also helps in achieving the goal.

Consuming of Too Much Drinks

Water is the only liquid which can be consumed a lot. Other than water, milk, coffee, and tea are also good for the body. The drinks with excess of number calories affects the weight loss. Drinking alcohol occasionally won’t hurt much, but consuming it a lot daily will greatly affect the health. The calories in the alcoholic beverages accumulate in body as fat.

Misunderstanding of Healthy Food is Calorie-Free

People assume that the healthy foods don’t have many calories. Nuts and seeds are considered as healthy food due to the presence of micronutrients, and phytogens, but they carry an excessive amount of calories. Minimizing their quantity and adding some veggies could be effective.

Improper Training

There should be proper training in weight loss. The person in weight loss program should come out from their comfortable zone. Lifting the same weights every day won’t help in meeting the goals. The weights and other exercises must be improving gradually. The person should train extremely hard for fat loss.

Doing Excess of Low-Intensity Cardio Exercises

Full-body workouts with proper intervals give good result in weight-loss. Doing too much of low-intensity cardio exercises for hours by shortening the rest period won’t give the result as we expect. Though it is easier than high-intensity cardio, it will greatly affect the cardiovascular and muscular system.

Too much of Stress

Too much of stress will affect the body gradually. Stress increases the cortisol hormone level above the normal. This increase in cortisol increases the accumulation of fat in the body. Even proper training is done by the person; stress will act as an obstacle to achieve the goal.

Lack of Sleep

Every person must have sufficient sleep for proper functioning of the body. Lack of sleep also leads to increase in cortisol hormone, which increases the fat storage. The insulin sensitivity also decreases. Minimum of 8 hours of sleep is very much necessary for a person.


Consider the above reasons and improve our training by implementing those things in our daily training to stay fit, which would lead us to a healthy and everlasting life.

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