10 Ways to Burn Fat all Day


Fat is stored in the adipose tissue mostly under the skin in our body. Fat helps in the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and body temperature. Fat acts as cushion for organs and tissues. It also acts as immunity boosters to protect the body from illness. Whereas, too much of fat leads to many health issues like obesity, breathing problems, heart diseases, and arthritis. Maintenance of fat in our body is very important for sustenance. Ways to burn fat daily as follows.

Get Some Vitamin D

Go for a walk for about 10-30 minutes outside. Vitamin D deficiency is an outbreak in many countries and the people working for long hours are not exposing their body to sunlight. But the management of Vitamin D is very essential in weight management. 10-30 minutes of exposing the body to direct sunlight is effective. Vitamin D is also found in mackerel fish and fortified milk.

Avoid Skipping of Breakfast

Skipping of breakfast is not a good idea for weight loss process. It will lead to gain weight. Add at least two eggs in the breakfast because eggs are full of proteins and it requires more energy to break down. It burns more calories for digestion.

Drink Green Tea

We might have heard about the benefits of green tea. Drink four cups of green tea, the whole day increases the metabolic rate by 100 calories per day. It is equal to loss of one and half kg in three months. The phytochemicals present in green tea known as catechins stimulates the metabolism.

A Healthy Shower

An icy cold shower helps in burning of fat during a day. Making ourselves cold activates the brown fat, which is a good type of fat increases the metabolism and burns the white fat that makes us flabby and old. Brown fats are found abundant in babies, but adults can activate them by decreasing their temperature.

Move in Activity

Take the stairs instead of lifts. The people who run up and down the stairs at work at least five times a day, it boosts their metabolism and maintains their fitness. This is because by moving our body frequently fires up the metabolism instead of sitting down for hours till the session ends.

Consume Enough Calcium

Calcium is very necessary for bones but it also helps in weight loss. People who consume 1500 milligrams of calcium a day lost more weight than those who didn’t consume enough calcium. Calcium is found abundant in yoghurt, cheese, and skimmed milk that have low fat.

Eat a Power Pack Lunch

Eat a decent sufficient lunch with some legumes like beans, lentils, and chickpeas, which contains magnesium. Magnesium is essential for muscle, nerves, and also for energy production. It is found more in pumpkin seeds, mackerel fish, and spinach.

Doing some Fidgets

Fidgets means tapping of foot, playing with pen, finger tapping, wiggling, pottering are some of the examples of non-exercise activity or NEAT. The People who do the number of NEAT a day are differentiated from fat to skinny.

Have Some Gym Session

A little high intensive interval training session will make the body good. It keeps the body fit and strengthens the muscles. It burns fat and avoids the storage of unwanted fats in the body.

Have a Healthy Dinner and Good Sleep

Have some food with salmon, chilli, capsicum, and tomatoes with a cup of brown rice. Salmon has omega-3-fatty acids. Chopped red chillies, lime juice, and soya sauce increases the metabolic rate. Chillies have the fat burning effect due to phytonutrient.

Lack of sleep decreases the leptin hormone level, which is essential for burning fat and regulation of appetite. It also increases the stress hormone cortisol which disturbs the blood sugar and also fat gain.


Following these things daily in your lifestyle greatly help in maintaining a good, healthy, fit and toned body.

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